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Investor Audio is on a mission to be the first step in the research process for novice and professional investors to learn about companies. This means we will read hundreds of 10-Ks and S-1s from the SEC government database, investment letters, and academic research from the best minds in the business. It's time you cut through all the nonsense and get to the heart of what's going on.

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Newsletter: Features the best breakdowns about companies, investing frameworks, investors, and financial research.

  • Company Breakdown: Company profiles highlighting the business description, products, risks, executive/founder insights, and visual financial statements

Investor Audio Library: Features the largest audio library of company breakdowns. Just as every book has an audiobook, every filing will have an audio filing.

  • In each audio summary, you will understand the following critical sections from a 10-K:

    • Business Description, Product, Risks, Business Model, Executive/Founder Insights, and Key Financial KPIs.

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Features the best company breakdowns, investing frameworks, and finance research.


Igli, is a former corporate financier in manufacturing and distribution, who is on a mission to learn and write about the new Industrialists of the 21st Century.